what is real? silvershark will take our way to see on the reality to a new level. We produce films, we build websites and in the future we will turn your perspective of what is reality

what I do

I focus on building good, cool websites that you love to use.
I don´t want "in your face" ads on my websites. I provide tips which would suit your needs but aren't obligated to buy if you dont need them. I also produced the feature film "Hermit: Monster Killer" - and three more feature film coming productions! "EsoxLucius" "Skyddsängeln" and "Klockslag"

I also run the play channels WermlandPlay.se and HDtrailers.se


who I am

I love movies, music, and pizza, in that order. I am more than happy to travel to other countries and live to experience new cultures.


what is real